Friday, 13 February 2009

What's Next?

The March issues of various magazines are out already, but I'd like to post a few snaps from the February edition of Harper's Bazaar US. Both US and UK versions of the magazine have had some nice issues with great editorials lately. This one is shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Click here for more and bigger images.

The editorial is called What's Next, and that's sort of what I'm wondering myself. Warning: Personal rambling ahead; please stop reading if you're only here for the eye candy.

I've been unemployed all January, have been working three days a week in February, and the second week of March I'll be moving to a different place to work a full time job.

This will probably affect my ability to blog as often as I am right now. The whole blog started as a way of filling my day with something creative, and working a full time job will cut down the time I've got to mindlessly browse the internet fashion world for news. I might even find myself completely cut off from the internet for a few weeks, which would be extremely hard for a girl like me.

So far I've been aiming for six entries a week. Enough to push myself to write a little almost every day, but not too much, so I don't get bored with blogging. I'm writing in English instead of Norwegian because it feels more natural, and because I need to practice writing in another language.

I guess I'll just have to see how things turn out. So far I've noticed that writing has become easier than when I first started, and that's a good sign.

Now, more work means more money, which is very much needed if I want new shoes and clothes (and other little details, like food). Today I got paid for a little work I did back in December, and that money went straight to an order on I'm very good at talking about all the DIY projects I want to try, but now I'll have the means to actually try studding clothes. I can't wait!


  1. Jeg må si at jeg liker bloggen din bedr eog bedre!

  2. AlexandraE; oi, takk, det varmer veldig :)