Monday, 2 February 2009

Candy heels

Today the temperature dropped a bit, and just to make sure I'd feel extra gloomy, it started to snow again. Now, winter is nice for a month or so, but I've had my fill of it.

To cheer myself up, I took a quick look at some shiny shoes at I haven't ordered from that site yet, but if I'm able to make up my mind about what I want, I will.

I had a quick look through my own shoe collection the other day, and that was depressing. Sure, I've got some nice heels, but everything is black, black, black. So whenever I decide to order some new shoes, I'm going to force myself to get some colour. After looking at the latest and brightest pairs of Nicholas Kirkwood heels, I feel like getting something blue. I'm also thinking about a pair in yellow, orange or purple.

The best thing about the shoes in this post is the price. Most of them are between $20 and $30. Even if the quality should turn out to be shoddy, it won't matter too much.

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