Saturday, 7 February 2009

Weekend links

Yet another snowful Saturday, and I've no intention at all of leaving the house tonight. Here's a few links to stuff that's caught my attention the last week:

Susie Bubble is adoring the Iris Van Herpen Fall/Winter 2009 collection. Studs? Leather strips? I'm in! Mmm, look at that intricacy and attention to details!

Miss Woo introduced me to my shoe lust of the week: wonderful black patent wedges from Tristan Blair.

While I can't really understand French that well, it's obvious that Daphné adores current and past Chloé campaigns. Romantic and beautiful picture post.

Rumi's got a new sweater, and the following discussion among commenters gets pretty ridiculous. I must admit I'm a bit jealous of her wardrobe, though I'd probably style this particular piece a bit differently myself.

DIY of the week; medieval chains. I wish I lived somewhere I could get away with wearing just a singlet.

Just for fun: Totally whacked beauty products at Mamavision. Want thinner cheeks? A bigger smile? Look no further...

I leave you with a picture from Vogue Paris September 2007; more fodder for my studding obsession. Have a great weekend!