Thursday, 12 February 2009

Bandage Me

I'm curious how my mind really works. It's still the same old winter weather outside, and the first pictures from fall/winter 09 have started circulating the net, but what have I been thinking of all day?


And not just any kind of swimwear; I've been lusting over one-piece swimsuits.

It's been years since I last wore a one-piece, and they weren't stylish at all. Last year, new kinds of one-pieces started popping up in stores, looking better than I'd imagined, and I started considering getting one.

This summer, they're looking even more promising. The first picture in this post is a sample of this seasons swimsuits from Norma Kamali, found via the BleachBlack blog. Gorgeous, non?

The pieces above and below are from Hervé Léger by Max Azria, Spring/Summer 09.

While I enjoy looking at the vibrant red and gorgeous silver above, I think I'd much prefer a black piece. A cut-out or bondage bathing suit is guaranteed to be impractical if one starts to think about tan lines, so I prefer to ignore that whole approach. Ugh, want!

Think about it this way; add a slouchy pair of shorts or harem pants, a Balmain inspired jacket and some Gucci heels, and you've got the best beach party look possible. Agreed?

Pictures from and Norma Kamali


  1. those are really nice pieces. i'm glad that i came to your site, or i would never have known he was making swimwear. i wish i could afford them!

  2. xs; I agree, I wish I could afford those. They are probably not even meant to be in water, but who cares?

    AlexandraE; takk, enig! ;D

  3. where can i find these?

  4. I wish these girls would eat. The fashion industry is bugging.