Friday, 6 February 2009

Studs, studs and more studs

Oh, Balmain.

Every fashion blogger on the planet have blogged about this collection already, but I have been gathering pictures of the studded black dresses and jackets for the past days, and simply had to post.

I'm feeling like there will be a DIY project or two coming along in not too long. I've already dug out an old grey jacket with semi-structured shoulders that could benefit from a few studs. Worn with a pair of bleached jeans and some tall heels, this look is just the right kind of relaxed and luxurious.

Both January and February has been/will be months will little cash to spend on new stuff, which is probably why I'm drawn to potential DIY projects lately. I'll be putting in an order here, and hopefully there'll be some updates to be posted the next weeks!

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