Friday, 13 February 2009

Studs, Shreds, Leggings and Shoes; It's Weekend Links

Park & Cube is one of my favourite fashion blogs/bloggers. This girl has great style, takes very good pictures, loves studs and is always successful with her DIY projects. Did I mention my late fascination with DIY? Several times? Ok, then. Here are some of my favourites from the Park & Cube blog:

This week: P&C studs the underside of a bag, to mimic the style of an Alexander Wang bag Mary-Kate Olsen was seen wearing. The result? Stunning! (Mary-Kate's bag is supposedly from the A Wang FW09 collection, which means it hasn't been shown on a runway yet. Or, rather, that it is being carried down the runway as I'm typing this post. Whoa, excited now!)

Then, these shredded and chained shorts were also inspired by an A Wang collection.

And then we have the Park & Cube version of the brilliant SS09 Rodarte leggings! Gorgeous!

Although I've just read about it, it seems like Rodarte leggings have been done by several bloggers lately. Here is another version, this one from January, and it's just as brilliant as the P&C version.

This weeks shoes done wrong and right:

Camille, what are you doing? Those poor Marnis... Alter your shoes all you want, but please, not with sharpie! It's a bit weird to feel queasy about what another blogger does to a pair of shoes, but that was how I felt when I saw this post.

On the other hand, I literally gasped with awe when I saw this post at SeaofShoes. Is this the perfect pair of shoes? I'm thinking yes. Exclusive, tall, elegant, extreme, dangerous. My envy of Jane's shoe collection just grew.

Pictures from Park & Cube and SeaofShoes


  1. Those are actually a bit too extreme in my opinion, but still i sort of love them. Hm :)

  2. park and cube is a fantastic blog. and wow those shoes . . . shows what designers can do without a sharpie.

  3. herlige sko nederst:) forskjellig neglelakk og greier