Monday, 19 April 2010

Soft Monday

Pants: 3.1 Phillip Lim / Skirt: Jil Sander / Sandals: Donna Karan / Pumps: Charlotte Olympia
Bag: Maison Martin Margiela / Shorts: Chloé / Dress: Donna Karan / Jacket: Rick Owens'
All from Net-a-Porter and Browns fashion.

Haven't gone window shopping online for a while, but I've got a big party coming up this Saturday, and as usual it feels like my closet is empty all of a sudden. The Donna Karan dress and sandals above would have been perfect...

I keep wondering how long I'll be on this pastel kick. I still think of myself as a girl wearing mostly greys and blacks, but I keep putting on floral dresses and pale tights. At least nobody says you can't wear those light shades with an attitude.


  1. I wish I could wear pale colors, but I have such a mediterranean skin type that I look sick if I wear pastels!

  2. I love that photoshoot! Those are such great pictures!!!!!

  3. i love the colors here. i need more colors like that in my closet. i have too much black and grey, and dark colors in general haha

  4. A very buoyant and colourful editorial! :) So refreshing! Love the use of the Prada heels here! And I love the Chloé scallop-edged pumps and the Charlotte Olympia heeled sandals. The designs are simple and classic and the pastel colours are so welcoming. I love pastel/sorbet shades as well but I'm not sure if I can carry them off.

  5. Oops, made a mistake: I meant, the Charlotte Olympia pumps and the Donna Karan heeled sandals!