Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Queen Camilla

Camilla Skovgaard is rather famous for her shoes featuring that easily recognizable claw-cut sole. Most people love it, some think it's a bit vulgar, and we'll see much more of it when the fall collection hits the stores.

I am a big fan (no surprise there), and I'm also excited about the new, even bolder shape below. (Would you call that style a wedge?) While Skovgaard likes experimenting with shapes, the colours are quite toned down, making the shoes rather wearable.

As always I have to ask; which pair do you prefer? I'd love any of these, but if I have to pick one favourite, I'll go with the pale grey "wedge".

Pictures from imelda.com.au.


  1. i love the pale grey wedge, but there is also something about those black slides that i'm oddly loving :)


  2. I'm caught between the first shoe-boot and the pale grey wedge. The black sandal version, however, would be sooo fabulous for staying abstract in the summer. (God I hate trying to dress for this season.)

    Now, that tall black boot is a silhouette I have NEVER seen. A cheeky take on the self-defeating peep-toe boot craze we've been under for the past few years!

  3. ahhh i want a pair of each!

  4. The claw cut sole is a lifesaver...As I'm a complete klutz in moving in high heels.

    And the bolder shaped heels have gotten tastier! I think as favourite its a tough pick, but will go with the third one. :)

  5. My favourites would have to be the second and third pairs. Love the design of the third one especially!

  6. So innovative and so beautiful. Camilla is in a class all her own!