Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Armadillo

I like to call myself shoe-obsessed. I love all the shoes from the Alexander McQueen SS10 show, including the monster "armadillo" and "alien" heels. I'm certain people with little interest in fashion would think me crazy because of this, and sometimes I wonder if I might be a little too emotionally invested in this business. Then I see images like the one below, and know that there are people with way more dedication to fashion than myself. I must say I really admire this guy!

Image via Twisted Lamb.


  1. mamma mia... this is... unbelievable

  2. Thank you; I'm seriously craving seafood too ever since I came back.

    And wow....this guy's tattoo is insane. I LOVE it though.

  3. hi there
    im the boy with the tattoo
    my blog is
    thanks for the nice words on my tattoo

  4. Wooah that guy is dedicated!

  5. Oh la la! Not much more to say, really!