Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Jil Sander / Balenciaga

Nope, not done with the fall accessory report yet. And there are more interesting things to report than shoes.

While pale colours and flower motifs are all over the trends of spring, these bags rely on interesting shapes and textures to prove their brilliance. In shades going from grey to dark grey to black they're not even close to becoming boring. I wouldn't mind seeing the Jil Sander Manga Madame bag everywhere, as I know I certainly won't be able to afford it. The Givenchy Eve bag below is another favourite.

Aperlaï / Jil Sander

Rochas / Givenchy

Louis Vuitton / Valextra


  1. OH yes! When I shop for bags, I go for interesting shapes and textures too, less of colour. Love the Aperlaï / Jil Sander (3rd and 4th pics) best! Especially the box-chain link strap and the cylindrical buckle of the Aperlaï one- very unique! I usually tend to haul a lot of things when I go out (like 2 bottles of water because if I don't have any intake of water for just 2 hours my lips would crack very badly) so I prefer bigger bags. So for now clutches aren't really that functional and practical for me though I guess they're useful for events like parties where it doesn't make sense to haul a big bag.