Monday, 12 April 2010

Sheep VS Sheep

Dangerously tall, but nice and warm from Burberry Prorsum? Or dangerously tall, but nice and warm from Viktor & Rolf?

I know I'll drool over both, but as much as I like the buckles of the BP boot, I think I'll have to give my vote to the interesting silhouette of the V&R wedge. Which one would you pick?

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  1. they are both great, but i think i prefer the crazy wedge on the v&r :)


  2. I prefer the V&R wedge! It looks much more unique to me while the BP boot, though great as well, isn't that unique and I'm not too fond of the multiple buckle straps.

    And oh yes! Thanks for empathising! My thighs are bulky too 'cause of the fact that I work out (probably used too heavy weights when doing squats so am trying to use lighter ones now) and that my body just naturally accumulates fat at the thighs area. :( so it's both muscle and fat. :( I need to get taller heels! Heels shorter than 4 inches don't seem to make me look much taller. And oh, thanks! I got that top from a local online shop:


  3. I usually love quirky stuff but this time Burberry gets my vote! The shaft of V&R's boots look a little cheap to me

  4. Thanks for the comment! Totally loving the b&w photos of her too, she's beautiful.

    Both are fabulous shoes, but I've been loving the Burberry's for a while now <3