Thursday, 29 April 2010

Remember To Play

Good old Steven Meisel for Vogue US. From March 2006, this is one editorial I never get tired of seeing again; it always manages to lift my mood. As my exams are right around the corner, a little colour, fun and inspiration is always welcome. Full editorial here.


  1. Cool you've been to Paris! :D Maybe you can head there again in the near future? For a short getaway or something? :) I'll be heading to London first though, then taking the Eurostar train to Paris. Gonna travel with my sis! :)

  2. And by the way, this is really a very different and unique editorial. It's not just the myriad of colours but there's just a sense of alive-ness and dynamism to it! There's also this sense of "not trying hard to be high fashion", very fun and relaxing to the eye.

  3. love it! the stylist did a fantastic job. beautiful set-up!