Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Such A Lovely Colour For You

I've come across the image of Sasha Pivovarova looking like a "sad clown" several times lately, and today I found the rest of the editorial. Tim Walker has created yet another a fantasy world for UK Vogue readers, and I'm very fascinated by the set. While the title of the editorial is China White, and we're meant to think of porcelain, the wall reliefs mostly remind me of traditional Norwegian rose paintings. Anyway, the enlargened patterns certainly play their role in making Sasha look like a fragile china doll.

White tights seem to be the new thing, with or without patterns. I'd love to find something similar to the ones above, though I've neither got the wardrobe or complection to be able to wear head-to-toe white. I have been trying to wear lighter shades lately, but I'm still far away from pure white.

Larger images and full editorial here.

1 comment:

  1. gosh i love sasha....

    thanks for sharing this... i love it.

    kinda funny... i went out shopping today... actually looking for "lighter colors/nudes" just to try it out... i gravitate towards black and grays.... and some white dresses/flowy tops but never head to toe lighter colors... i want to give it a try... hmmmm...