Monday, 22 February 2010

I Made This

For a while, bloggers were studding, ripping, shredding and bleaching anything that could be studded, ripped, shredded or bleached. Lately, I haven't seen as many of these projects floating around, and the Do It Yourself-trend seems to have run its course. Fortunately, a few bloggers with above average skills have persisted, like Erika of PS - I Made This. I'm amazed by how her Proenza Schouler jumper turned out!

And of course I'm head over heels in love with anybody who can turn what looks like basic stripper shoes into the creations below. While she mostly focuses on interior design, Lauren of (IN)DECOROUS TASTE also knows her way around footwear. For more pictures, here are the direct links to the mirrored shoe, the crystal shoe and the shackled wedge, as well as this ruffled wedge and this one with painted canvas.


  1. wow that d.i.y is fabulous,
    what kind of dye did u use??
    Rianna Bethany xxx

  2. OMG that sweeter is so cool! That girl seem to be creative!
    And the shoes are fab!

    - B

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  4. Rianna Bethany; I wish I knew, but unfortunately I can't take credit for that awesome DIY.

  5. omg what are those! I just had a heart attack she is a truly talented girl.