Thursday, 11 February 2010

End of an Era

Oh God. Only yesterday I was wondering what Alexander McQueen would come up with to top his last collection, and now he's gone forever. This is just too sad and shocking for words. The fashion industry has lost one of its most talented members, and I'm certain we'll all miss him.
Rest in peace.


  1. Man, at the top of his game, and just as he was garnering such wide acclaim from even the "mainstream" world. So sad. Rest in peace.

  2. We was a truly inovative genius. I can't imagine london fashion week without the anticipation for his shows. RIP

  3. I'm glad you found my PS1 bag entry useful! Which colour did you order in the end?

    Yeah, I was so shocked when I heard about his death. The fashion industry just won't be the same without him.

  4. Yes he did the most amazing shoes! Nothing to look forward to now.