Thursday, 7 January 2010

Under the Sea

The wedge craze continues. These are from Swedish Minimarket's spring collection. Looks like the inspiration is the ocean, with lots of blue and aqua, goggle shaped sunglasses and some flats named "clams". I love all the wedges, but would go for the blue or sand coloured pair if I could choose. One of the cap-toed wedges remind me slightly of the gorgeous Finsk wedges, though this one has a less dramatic silhouette.

I found the wedges below here, and will be ordering a pair, as they are ridiculously affordable. I'm just not sure about the colour. Grey will probably work better with my wardrobe, but the beige looks a bit better, as the studs look less prominent. Which would you pick?


  1. Great score!

    I say go with the grey ones as they already fit your wardrobe. They're both really great shoes, and I like the studded detail equal amounts on both colours...They have their own aesthetic quirkyness. Great blog btw!


  2. Thank you! And I decided I will go with the grey ones, because of the practicality!

  3. I love your taste in shoes! :) :) :) I would say go for the beige one for a change! Experiment with different colour combinations!