Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Sonnet 43

I realize I use the word "love" a lot when I talk about clothes and shoes, and I won't stop today. I love Gareth Pugh. And I love this collection. Obviously this is not the same love that is used to describe relationships between people, but it's still rather strong.

Why it's taken me so long to talk about this collection, I'm not sure. I think it is my favourite from the Spring/Summer 2010 batch. At the moment we're only 22 days away from the next fashion week, but I haven't yet seen any hint of spring weather, so it feels a bit weird to shift focus to next fall already.

So, Gareth Pugh. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love the colour scheme used (if you can call the different shades of grey colours). I love the pants with their slits. What begins as a normal jacket, but turns into a cape below the waist. The fingerless gloves. The zippers.

I love the totally weird bracelet-slash-ring. The dirty metallic nails.

(I do not love those weird headbands, but without those,) I love the hairstyle.

But above all, I love the shoes.

Pictures from, Greg Kessler, Anna Frost,


  1. i was just checking gareth pughs selection on !!! amazing! i absolutely adore the booties, if you hear anything about where they will be available PLEASE do a post on it!!!


  2. I love Gareth Pugh too. His fashion is art

  3. puuuuuuuugh<3 i adore that man.