Sunday, 31 January 2010

Next Train to Mexico

I was typing up a "Best of Couture Week" post, but realized that I mostly wanted to talk about one designer; Jean Paul Gaultier. As with other recent JPG collections, it feels a bit tacky and costume-y, and I can't really imagine wearing any of the complete outfits, but when I look a little closer, there are tons of amazing details. The shoulder armor and embellishings above is one example; not really wearable, but a pleasure to look at.

I've been wearing lots of patterned tights lately, which might be why I'm so intrigued by these. At first, it looks like somebody's beens scribbling all over the model's legs, and I love the unfinished look.

Finally, these bags crafted to look like folded and braided leaves deserve a mention, as do the creepy/awesome finger jewellery and the extreme corsetry.

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  1. This collection is my favorite from the season. The dresses are unbelievable!

    - B

  2. you are right. the details are unbelievable.... i love those tights. the shoes in the same pic are really interesting... even though far from the silhouette i am normally attracted to... and i love the corset back of the last dress.


  3. So raw and organic..yet fabulous!