Thursday, 28 January 2010

Shoe Space

Confession time; I'm a weirdo. I save pictures of other people's shoe closets, hoping to one day get something similar for myself. (That, and a huge walk-in closet.)

Basically, I think shoes look really good when put together like this, and I've been to busy to write a proper post the last few days, so this is an easy way out!

And now I wonder how much the total value of every pair in this post is...

Julia Restoin-Roitfeld / the selby


  1. i think my favorite is dirtyflaws, looks like i could put most of those to use... but i also loved the first! and rumis! actually... all of them...haha...

    oh and thanks... you turned me on to a couple great blogs with this post :)


  2. this post is downright pornographic! in a wholesome, footwear way!

    loves it.


  3. It might have been an easy post to make, but I really like it!
    I wouldn't mind living in Jane's closet...Beautiful shoes and so organised!!
    Looking at these photos I realise I NEED a pair of leopard heels. ASAP.

  4. I crave the shoe space sea of shoes has, it's just not fair! I will probably only have this in my 50's!