Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Fade to Blue

Giles / Proenza Schouler SS10 from style.com

Looks like I've caught the blue hair virus. My hair has been the same boring blonde shade forever, and I'm ready for change. I love the shade Tavi chose, but I'm thinking I'll just dye the tips of my hair. Something like Kate Shillingford, just without the black. And if it's a disaster, I've got long enough hair that I can afford to cut away 10 cm. Tempting!

Pop Fall/Winter 09/10

Dazed & Confused January 2010

Katie Shillingford by Jak & Jil

Source unknown


  1. yes, me too! my hair is short so i'm thinking of doing a few random streaks... not sure if light blue or lavender....


    you should do it... hair grows :)


  2. This is really a virus... I must admit it has crossed my mind to become blue, pink, purple, anything as long as it's not a natural colour!!!! Then I realized how silly it would look on me. But you're blonde, so go for it!