Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Shoes of Yesterday

What do the shoes above have in common? They are all gorgeous (obviously), they are all very easily recognizeable, and they're all on sale right now.

It feels like just yesterday when I first swooned over the Prada snakeskin heels on this blog, and I can't believe the Jil Sander pair has been around for long enough to go on sale. Time flies, and when it comes to fashion, time flies very fast. Sure, new collections with brand new silhouettes and shapes are great, but my list of favourite shoes is getting kind of full.

Actually, that's a big lie. My list of favourite shoes has infinite space. Keep'em coming!

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  1. The fourth one is the coolest I think!=)

  2. i love the first pair!!! ur blog is awesome btw, i'd love to be affiliates with you. u should check out mine, and see if u like it ;)