Friday, 12 June 2009

Explosions in the Sky

How wonderful and wonderfully simple is the Christopher Kane Resort collection? I've read some complaints that the shapes and silhouettes are too safe and boring for C.K, but this is resort after all.

I love the prints he chose and the shapes he chose to display the prints. Everything looks lightweight, perfectly tailored and very fresh. My only complaint is the styling of the model; I can't seem to get into the no-eyebrows trend.

My favourite was, predictably enough, the shoes, though I won't be seeing those on the rich and beautiful in the near future. From
Is there no limit to Kane's prodigious growth? Well, maybe. The wedges in these pictures aren't for sale. "We didn't have any shoes, so we cobbled them together ourselves with gaffer tape and whatnot in the studio," he admits. "But I liked it, sort of walking on clouds!"
Guh, but I want them!

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