Saturday, 28 March 2009

Beauty and the Beach

Estrella Marina, Aire Sexy, Vintage y Rock´n´Roll; Marina Pérez by Satoshi Saïkusa from Vogue España April 2009. Full editorial can be found here, though I'm afraid the pictures aren't any bigger than these.

Ah, beach editorials, how I love them. The contrast between the bright sun, blue water and sky paired with the dark clothing and make up makes this one particularily captivating. While I'd never wear anything like this to the beach (careful, the Balmain is getting wet!), the shoot still gets me longing for summer, sun and sand. We got another load of snow yesterday, which makes the thought of a vacation very tempting.

Pictures from, via The Fashion Spot.


  1. Loveloveloveeee your blog!
    These shots are FIERCE.

  2. The first black dress is lovely!=)

  3. Antonia: Thank you very much! :)

    Candy-forest: I know, right? Love the details on it!

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