Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Flowers In The Window

Today was such a WONDERFUL day! Earlier I felt like I'd taken some sort of happy drugs, but it was only the result of the very first hints of spring arriving. I had no idea a few hours of sun could elevate my mood this much. The snow is melting! I can see the asphalt again!

Because I'm in such a "springy" mood, I wanted to post some pretty flowers. First out are the prints at Rodarte. While I didn't care much for the full looks from this collection, I loved the rose prints they used. Romantic, delicate and not really correct for fall, but very pretty.

Christopher Kane had no time for romance. For his fall collection he mixed pretty flowers and lace together with tough black leather, and I absolutely loved the result.

Yes, all of the above looks from the D&G collection feature flowers. That eight-point star is the traditional Norwegian Selbu rose. You've probably seen it on old knitted sweaters and mittens, and I was really surprized when it made an appearance in Milan.

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  1. Wow, I haven't seen the D&G photos yet. I'm usually not a big fan f their designs, but I like this.
    Actually, I like anything with flowers.
    Yay for spring knocking on your door, must feel so good after the harsh winter. Autumn is arriving here, I already miss summer.