Saturday, 14 November 2009

No Heel too High

The people over at New York Magazine have been kind enough to gather pictures of the amazing Daphne Guinness at recent events. While I'm normally not that fond of her outfit choices, I often go crazy with shoe envy when I look at her feet. One of my dreams is to some day have the money and access to stock my closet with the craziest creations directly from the runway.

Below, Guinness is wearing both the famous Nina Ricci skyscrapers from fall 2009 and the spring 2010 McQueen monster stilettoes. As impressive as those look, the biggest challenge has got to be the pair of red heels below, simply because wearing thin heels on grass is a whole new level of difficult!

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  1. OMG!!! these shoes are jaw droppers!!! I don;t und how can she wear them and walk with them. is it possible??? OMG!!!!! i can not believe it. I always thought these shoes are for display only... Wow!

  2. Oh my god, I can't believe some of the things she wears! She is a real fashion trooper, there was I saying who is really going to wear those McQueen shoes, but I have been well and truly shut up, by Daphne and Lady Gaga!
    They do look really good off the runway too.

  3. I wonder how she can stand let alone walk in these shoes. But it's fantastic to see them on someone!

  4. How does she walk in those shoes!!! A new level of respect is now gained from me!!! Those shoes are AMAZING!!

  5. Guinness is an ultimate Muse. WOW .... She continues doing for designers what Isabella Blow had started. I adore her.
    thanks for posting!!

    I will draw her soon as soon as i'm done my next with my next Madonna project