Thursday, 3 September 2009

Are We There Already?

Yesterday: Complaining about the weather.
Today: Still complaining, but also full of excitement and expectations.

I finally realized that the fashion weeks are right around the corner. In fact, NYFW starts next week. That's crazy. All August I was thinking about how September was far away, and now we're here, and so are the shows! I'm verging on not making any sense right now, that's how excited I am.

Blogging will of course be overrepresented by runway pictures the next month, and I apologize in advance if it makes my posts predictable and boring. Or, actually, I don't. It's my blog, and I'll write about whatever I want to. I'll be as picky as I can manage, though, and only post my very favourites. Every fashion blogger out there will probably cover the SS10 shows, but I can't help being a part of that crowd. I love fashion week!


  1. omg, fashion week is so soon! i can't wait for it :)
    really nice blog btw!

  2. I know, right! And thanks a lot =)