Saturday, 29 August 2009

I Do Want One of Those!

Today I'm bringing out my inner child and posting Nifty Things I Found online. We all need a break from shoes and fashion some times, right?

First out:

If I were to start a collection of useless stuff, I think I'd get a salt & pepper shaker/mill collection. There are so many cool designs out there, like these, or perhaps I'm just very easily impressed when it comes to kitchen gadgets. Yeah, that's probably it...

Rubik's cubes? Ok, that's even cooler!

Clever advertising for a restaurant in Switzerland. The text on the fork says: Very, very fresh vegetarian food. Relevant and innovative; just the way I like it.

Back to nifty kitchen gadgets; the lego biscuit roller! Biscuits shaped as pieces of lego is sort of like ice cubes shaped as penguins; extremely cool, but not very useful. But the idea of using food colouring together with this roller makes my buy this!-muscle twitch.

I'll finish this post with something that's actually fashion related. I love the whole Hermès campaign this season, and the accessory ad is no exception. A brilliant way of showcasing the famous Hermes silk scarves!

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