Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Back to the Drawing Table

As I was doing a thorough cleaning of my closets yesterday, I came across some old watercolour pencils and felt the need to draw. I've never been particularily talented at drawing, but I do like to sit down and doodle a little every now and then. The question of what to draw was not hard at all, it had to be shoes.

Obviously, these are no masterpieces. They are also not particularily original, and I'm sure you recognize the silhouettes. But it was nice to feel a spark of creativity, and perhaps I'll start to pencil down something original one day.

You'll also have to excuse my camera. It is particularily moody at the moment, and is refusing to let me use any form of flash. Instead I get these strange shades of blue that I probably could remove with a bit of Photoshopping if I weren't so damn lazy.


  1. Can you start posting shoes that are normal looking and people actually wear?? You post these ridiculous looking shoes that nobody would wear except some weird looking models!!

  2. Wouldn't it perhaps be for the best if you simply stop reading my blog if you don't like it?

    This is my blog, where I post items I both love and would wear if I had the funds. Fashion to me is about fantasy and imagination, and I couldn't care less if my views differ from what "normal people" like.