Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Snakes and Tigers

Alber Elbaz consistently produces great, feminine clothes in a familiar style, and I'm always charmed by his designs. But even though the SS10 collection was described as "...a triumph of breathtaking technical achievement" at Style.com, it was the jewelry I couldn't take my eyes off.

These necklaces must be the definition of statement jewelry. Tigers and snakes in jet black, gold, white, red and turquoise were draped around models' necks on thick, jewel-encrusted chains. These masterpieces looked heavy, bold and exquisitely crafted. I wonder how much one of these will cost if they ever make it to the stores, and if I can pay with something insignificant, like my left arm.

Pictures from style.com and the Fashion Spot.


  1. Wow I love all of these necklaces....they are so intricate and beautiful....I love the snakes...really amazing...ohh and I love your blog :)

    Laura xxx

  2. The necklaces are super amazing. the workmanship is crafted so detail. simply amazing.