Friday, 11 June 2010

Play Some Kind of New Sound

I never really got around to post all my favourites from the fall fashion shows, and now we're in the middle of resort 2011. I've never really understood the point of resort and cruise. To me, most of these collections lack identity and enthusiasm, so I never pay too much attention to them. But there's always something that stands out from the rest, and for some reason I really like this resort collection from Rag & Bone. While there aren't really any groundbreaking designs here, there's plenty of good styling and wonderful garnments I'd love to stick in my closet, like the gorgeous dress above. Everything feels fresh, young, and easy.

Full collection here.


  1. i agree. i really like the little grey t. looks perfect for layering. and her hair :)

  2. agree - nothing groundbreaking, but well styled and wearable every day.

  3. Ahh yes please. Like you said - its not groundbreaking yet I seem to instantly NEED every piece in my wardrobe. The red dress (or skirt and top?) and delicate cut of that grey tshirt are favorites